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Where can I find the size of the chair?

Size can be found in "Specifications"

Does my seat come fully assembled?

No, our chairs will arrive with easy to follow assembly instructions. You can find the Assembly Video and Assembly Guide in the Resources page.The Assembly Video and Guide will give you a good step-by-step visual walkthrough, as well as some important safety information to keep in mind. So watch it through at least once before starting and you'll find it much easier. Our Killabee Chair can be easily assembled within a couple of minutes!If you run into any issues during the assembly, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at and our Support team will do their best to help you.

How long can it take to receive my order?

We ship all orders 1 to 2 business days after we receive the payment and you should expect to receive the item in the next 1 to 5 business days when the order is marked as Shipped.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we are only able to ship to the continental U.S. This excluded Hawaii and Canada. We are unable to ship to outside the U.S.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

We do have an affiliate program to help you create a new stream of revenue. We will provide up to 15% commission (estimated 30-45 dollars), you can click to register For more information, please visit our Affiliate page.

How do I take care of my Killabee Chair?

While we designed Killabee Chair to be durable, that doesn't mean you should abuse it or neglect taking care of it. If there are stains on the surface o the chair, apply some polish on a soft towel and rub the stains until they dissolve. Do not apply the polish directly to the chair.You can learn to maintain your chair by visiting Aftercare Guide.

How can I get a refund or exchange my product?

Please visit our Return Policy page for additional refund or exchange information.

What is Killabee’s warranty policy?

We offer a lifetime warranty for the steel frame and 1 years for chair parts (not including natural wear of PU leather). For detailed information regarding our warranty policy, please check out our Warranty page.

What features does your ergonomic gaming chairs possess?

Seat width and depth – Our seat have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. Our seat’s forward/backward tilt is adjustable.

Seat height – Our chair’s seat height is easily adjustable. 

Lumbar support – The lumbar spine has an inward curve and sitting for long periods without support for this curve tends to lead to slouching (which flattens the natural curve) and strains the structures in the lower spine. 

Backrest – Our backrest is separate from the seat, it is adjustable in height and angle. 

Seat material – The material on our chair seat and back has enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time.

Armrests – Our armrests are adjustable. 

Swivel – Our ergonomic chair can easily rotate so the user can reach different areas of his or her desk without straining.