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Why Should I Buy a KILLABEE Big And Tall 350lb Gaming Chair?

Why Should I Buy a KILLABEE Big And Tall 350lb Gaming Chair?

Finally! A gaming chair that not only prevents stress but also reduces fatigue.

Most gaming chairs have fully blown soft foam cushion but these after a long time of use and sitting would contract so badly that you begin to feel the frame of the chair kissing the bones of your buttocks. More so, many gaming chairs offer very little for so much money. If you are a big-time professional gamer, you would find this KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Gaming Chair very helpful. The KILLABEE Gaming Chair gives much more than a peaceful gaming experience, it also gives you a soothing massage to ease and soothe your nerves.

As gamers, we spend thousands of hours on our games and we absolutely love every moment. No matter what game you love to play, you would agree with me that your physical chair affects how you play and yourself. Normal chairs will not give you feel of the game and they will not help you relax as you play. Somebody then suggested office chairs, wait, what? Are you kidding? Yea, we make amazing office chairs but then the enthusiasm you feel in playing the game is different from how you gently sit in your office. You cannot and should not play a long time game on an office chair.

Why do you need a gaming chair?

You see, if you watch car racers well, you’ll notice that they have a special seat. A seat that hugs them and keeps them right in their car comfortably. That’s so like the kind of feeling and atmosphere you need for playing games. But you can’t play a beautiful game on a racing chair because of the elevated seat that allows the racer’s feet to touch the pedals. If you are playing an FPS sniper or a retro game, you need an amazing gaming chair that can

  • Give you healthy and adjustable postures throughout the game to prevent back and neck injuries.
  • Be comfortable even when used for a long gaming session and can carry any gamer no matter his or her weight. this means that it must have the use of memory foam
  • Be built to last with great materials that will not easily break down.
  • Be strong.
  • Be adjustable because people are not built the same way

Relaxation is important to anybody and everybody. Gamers must be able to unwind even in the feel of the game so much you forget that you are outside the game but right inside it and shooting out the “Boss”.

That’s why KILLABEE Big and Tall Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair is amazing for you. This chair looks like most gaming chairs in the market but with a sparky difference that is so conspicuous that all our customers shout it in feedbacks. Because this KILLABEE 8204 is not just made to offer a gaming experience but also to give extra soothing massage free of charge as you play the game.

This Gaming Chair is different because

  • It is engineered with an electric massager which is powered up by a USB that you can plug perhaps into your computer’s USB ports or wall charger and lean back for a gaming and explicit relaxation and relieve your fatigue.
  • It is adjustable. You can adjust the height for your neck, the back angle for your back. The gaming chair is equipped with a recline locking system to lock the back at any angle up to 155°. You can also adjust the armrests up, down, right and left. The footrest pads are also retractable. The whole chair itself is a 360° swivel.
  • The material is durable and also comfortable as it is made with memory foam padding on top of the cushion that is already made with premium PU leather which is dirt and fade-resistant. This design offers superb stability and comfort. The headrest and massage lumbar cushion are innovated for great support and relaxation and it saves neck and back strain.
  • It is Highly Secure with an integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards. Maximum weight capacity is 350lb.
  • Has an overall dimension of 27.6” X 22.4” X 49.6” – 52.8” (W X D X H); seating area dimension of 22.4” X21.7” (W X D); backrest dimension of 22.4” X 32.7” (W X H)

Because KILLABEE is targeted at innovating new ideas for plush comfort, it is loved by thousands of genuine furniture lovers. If you want comfortability, health assurance, durability, and security of your chair, buy our KILLABEE Tall and Big Gaming Chair now. 

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