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Who is the KILLABEE 8257 Series most suitable for?

Who is the KILLABEE 8257 Series most suitable for?

The KILLABEE 8257 is a large and strong ergonomic chair, suitable for tall and heavy people (it can take on up to 400 pounds) and featuring an elegant yet dynamic design which makes it suitable for both elegant offices or colored gaming rooms. Thanks to its reclinable backrest and retractable footrest, it can offers support for a bunch of activities such as working, playing, watching videos, reading, and even taking a nap! But let’s see the KILLABEE 8257’s great features one by one.

Main Features


As mentioned, the 8257 Series’ style can perfectly fit both the office or gaming environment. The chair is available in black, grey, and black, with a black finish that radiates along with the backrest. The large seat, large and long backrest, and strong steel frame make this gaming/office chair comfortable even for heavy people, while the high-density sponge foam makes it comfortable but able to provide support for long hours.

Padded Linkage armrest

The KILLABEE 8257 features padded linkage armrests. They are large and comfortable and they match the main color of the chair. It can give you the right support for your whole body as you are sitting on it.


This chair features a long and large backrest comfortable for all and especially suitable for big people who often struggle to find a comfortable office chair (especially at such an affordable price). The backrest is also reclinable up to 175°. Such an angle can bring your chair to the horizontal position so that, utilizing the padded footrest, you can lie on your chair as you were comfortably resting in your home living room. The reclining backrest also allows you to be locked in middle positions so that you can slightly bend your chair back as you watch videos on your laptop, or read, or consult papers in your office.

Lumbar cushion

The lumbar cushion is one of the most important elements utilized for providing support to your back. Without it, your back would almost certainly take a wrong position and, since you are working or playing for several hours, it will maintain that wrong curve for a lot of time. Your posture would suffer from this: your shoulders can bend down and you can start having a stiff neck. With a lumbar cushion, these issues are solved. A quality ergonomic chair simply can’t lack a lumbar cushion.

Neck cushion

Having a neck cushion on your ergonomic chair is extremely important: it allows you to have support along your entire back. This is how you can remain sitting on the chair for hours without suffering pain, stiffness, or damaging your posture.


  • Dimensions: 25.4’’ x 28.6’’ x 51.1’’
  • Weight: 56.2 lbw
  • Frame Construction: high-density sponge
  • Foam Type: steel
  • Adjustable armrests: yes
  • Retractable footrest: yes
  • Adjustable height: yes
  • Tilt lock: yes
  • Recline: 90° to 175°
  • Maximum load: 400 pounds
  • Recommended height: 5’8’’ - 6’2’

Price and Guarantee Scheme

Despite all the impressive features that give this chair strength and durability, the KILLABEE 8257 Series comes at a very affordable price. As a sign of quality and reliability, the manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty.

Who is the KILLABEE 8257 Series most suitable for?

The KILLABEE 8257 is perfect for the office and work environment, even though its features make it suitable even for gaming purposes. Tall and heavy people will finally find in the KILLABEE 8257 a chair that is large and strong enough for them!

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