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What Makes the KILLABEE 9015 Series So Popular?

What Makes the KILLABEE 9015 Series So Popular?

Available in red, blue, gray, and black, the KILLABEE 9015 Series is a racing style gaming chair capable of providing support and comfort for any user. Thanks to its multiple adjusting features, anyone can adjust it according to their figure, activity, and needs. Let’s see what makes the KILLABEE 9015 one of the best value for money on the market of ergonomic gaming chairs

Main Features


The KILLABEE 9015 is an elegant racing style gaming chair. It features mainly black upholstery with colored finish available in red, blue, gray, or black. The style is suitable for gaming rooms or contemporary designed offices.

Seat Cushion

This chair features a wide seat cushion (21.3’’ x 20.1’’ x 4.7’’) that provides room enough for a comfortable sitting position. Made from a high-density sponge, the cushion is highly resistant and able of providing strong and durable support while also being soft and extremely comfortable.


The KILLABEE 9015 features an ergonomic 31.9’’ backrest that provides support for the entire length of the back (from low back up to the neck).
The backrest is also reclinable up to 175° so that the chair can be suitable for multiple activities. You can leave the backrest straight, at 90°, to work at your desk for hours while receiving proper support; you can slightly incline it to read or consult data on a tablet in a more comfortable position; and you can fully recline it and rest for as much as you want, while also resting your feet on the footrest.


The retractable footrest is ideal for a chair with a reclinable backrest. It’s thanks to it that you can rest on your chair as it was a comfortable armchair. Support is provided during rest just like it’s provided during work.


The KILLABEE 9015 features padded armrest which is also adjustable. This makes the gaming chair suitable for people of different heights (ideal for people 5’6’’-5’-9’’ tall) who can adjust the armrest position to their needs and comfort.

Lumbar Support

The KILLABEE 9015 is provided with a massage lumbar cushion. Other than being able to give you the pleasure of a massage, a lumbar cushion is extremely important for maintaining a proper posture while sitting. Especially if you sit for many hours during the day, you need your spine to maintain its natural position and curves. This is only possible with a lumbar cushion.

Smoothly Castor

If you’re tired of noisy and stiff castors, with the KILLABEE 9015 you can definitely fix the problem. Its castors are 360° rotating, smooth and silent during shifting.


  • Dimensions: 26’’ x 19.3’’ (maximum height)
  • Weight: 49.6 lbs
  • Frame Construction: Steel
  • Foam type_ high-density sponge
  • Adjustable armrest: yes
  • Retractable footrest: yes
  • Adjustable height: yes
  • Tilt lock: yes
  • Recline: up to 175°
  • Maximum Load: 250 lbs
  • Recommended Height: 5’6’’ - 5’9’’

Price and Guarantee Scheme

You won’t find such a quality gaming chair at such an affordable price anywhere else in the market. Also, the chair comes with a 1-year warranty as insurance of quality and durability.

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