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The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair 2020

The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair 2020

If you’re a gamer, if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer for whatever reason (work, school, gaming, coding…) having a comfortable chair could make a huge difference in your performance and your everyday life. The lots of hours you spend sitting at your desk are often associated with some back and neck stiffness or even pain if you don’t have a proper chair. So, a comfortable gaming chair could be the best investment for this end of 2020.

However, the market is full of gaming chairs and they all look alike. Well, they may have similar shapes, but they’re not all alike at all! Some are only suitable for lightweight people, some are reclinable, some have and some haven’t an included lumbar cushion. For those in search of the most comfortable gaming chair in 2020 we thought of offering the quickest and best solution: we’ve reviewed some of the top-grade gaming chairs on the market and we’ve identified which is the most comfortable. Our choice fell on the FANTASYLAB 8331 SERIES, a beautiful and extra-large gaming chair also suitable for the office environment. Keep on reading to find out what makes the FANTASYLAB 8331 SERIES the most comfortable gaming chair in 2020.

Size and Materials

The first feature that makes a gaming chair comfortable is its size - especially if you are a tall and big guy. The FANTASYLAB 8331 features an extra-wide seat cushion and a tall and large backrest that makes it suitable even for the tallest people (up to about 190 cm). The extremely strong metal frame is capable of supporting a huge weight (400 lbs).

The leather coating isn’t just beautiful - this is actually one of the most beautiful gaming chairs you can find in the market today - but it’s also a breathable material that contributes to the overall comfort of the chair.

Adjustable Features

If you want a comfortable gaming chair, you want it to be adjustable in every aspect.


  • Removable lumbar support
The lumbar support is an important element of an ergonomic chair because it helps maintain your spine in a neutral position while you’re sitting. However, having the possibility of removing it gives you the possibility of using the chair in every way you want.
  • Adjustable Armrests
Even if this chair is also suitable for bug guys, it doesn’t mean that lighter or shorter people can’t find it just as comfortable. The 8331’s armrests are adjustable in every direction so that anyone can adjust them to make the chair fit their measurements.
  • Reclinable Backrest
When we say reclinable backrest you may be thinking of the possibility of laying down and taking a nap on your comfortable gaming chair. With this chair, you can certainly do that, but having a reclinable backrest allows you to adjust the chair for any kind of activity: working, reading, watching videos, playing different types of games… This is why this is an important element that makes a gaming chair extremely comfortable.


Additional Features

The FANTASYLAB 8331 SERIES is the most comfortable gaming chair in 2020 and it’s more.

  • Design

We already mentioned this but it’s worth a repeat: the FANtASYLAB 8331 SERIES is one of the most elegant and stylish gaming chairs around. Perfect as an idea for a gift and even for the most elegant office environment.

  • Smooth-rolling Casters

The FANTASYLAB 8331 SERIES is comfortable in every detail. If you aren’t new to gaming chairs you know how poorly made casters can be annoying whenever you need to move a little with your chair. This chair is provided with smooth-rolling casters to make the FANTASYLAB 8331 SERIES extremely comfortable even while moving.

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