The Most Affordable Gaming Chair 2020

The Most Affordable Gaming Chair 2020

A gaming ergonomic chair isn’t just a stylish addition to your home office or gaming room. It’s actually important for your health, mood, and overall performance at your computer whether you’re working or playing. Maintaining a good posture isn’t just a matter of comfort: a gaming chair provides the support to your back, pelvis, hips, and neck so that you can maintain a natural position and avoid or prevent the bad consequences of a sedentary lifestyle such as neck and back pain, blood circulation issues, bad posture, and more…

So, what are you waiting for? Why haven’t you provided yourself with a comfortable pc gaming chair already? Well, you might say, gaming chairs can be quite expensive. This is true - but keep on reading, because in this article we want to speak about the most affordable gaming chair 2020: the VON RACER 8280 SERIES. Its price is half the one of most gaming chairs in the market, but its features and qualities have nothing to envy to those more expensive models.

Keep on reading to find out why we think the VON RACER 8280 SERIES is the best budget gaming chair around.

  • Quality and Design

With its strong metal frame and the thick seat cushion, this chair is highly resistant: it can hold a weight of up to 250 lbs and it’s suitable even for taller people (up to about 190 cm). The PU Leather coating is durable and beautiful with its colored finish: the VON RACER 8280 is available in several colors (grey, black, pink, white, red, and blue) which makes it suitable for adults and youngsters alike.

  • Support

The seat cushion and all the other components of the chair are soft but still capable of providing firm support which is necessary for maintaining your body in a correct position. Furthermore, the VON RACER 8280 comes provided with removable neck and lumbar cushions. They are both extremely important for helping maintain the spine in the correct position while you’re sitting. Without them, your pelvis would rotate forward and your neck would tend to bend down. With the cushions, instead, your spine maintains its natural curves.

  • Comfort

The VON RACER 8280 gaming chair is capable of providing great comfort. The quality of the cushions and pads are important elements but there are also some additional features that contribute to making this chair one of the most comfortable and affordable gaming chairs on the market. First of all, the armrests are adjustable so that anyone can customize their position the way they want. The backrest is reclinable up to 130 degrees and the chair is also provided with a retractable padded footrest. There isn’t much more you can ask from a comfortable gaming chair.

  • Versatility

Because of these features, the VON RACER 8280 SERIES can be very versatile. It can fit both the gaming and office environment (the grey and black options are particularly suitable for the latter); the chair is perfect for working, playing, and - with the backrest fully reclined and the footrest pushed forward - it can also become a comfortable armchair for reading, watching videos, or resting.

Whether were you thinking of a gaming chair for yourself or as an idea for a gift, the VON RACER 8280 SERIES is an excellent choice, suitable even for those on a budget!

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