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The Gaming Chair To Look Out For In 2020: The Fantasylab 8331 Series

The Gaming Chair To Look Out For In 2020: The Fantasylab 8331 Series

This chair’s electrifying design and even more exciting range of features are certainly something for any avid gamers to look out for this March 2020. Be ready to ditch your ragged hardback chair, both in convenience and style, to give your back the support it needs and deserves. Its smart leather finish gives comfort a most classy upgrade, ready to fit under your desk whether you are at work or at home. With a streamlined racing style, this high-quality ergonomic gaming chair transforms every dull hour spent sitting into a most luxurious experience.

Whether you are filling up excel sheets or trying out a brand-new game, the Fantasylab 8331 makes sure that nothing can take your concentration away from the things that matter. Leave your comfort to the care of this chair’s deep memory foam generously padded along the entire width of its spacious seat. Calling upon the same process that gives car and cinema seats their incredible softness, this cold-cured foam is infused with tiny air pockets to help support every inch of your back. Enclosed in premium breathable leather to keep you from overheating, this gaming chair is built for durability and instilled with a resistance to aging from the first seam to the last.

An exceptional 53.5” inch high back extends to support a height of six feet two and is reinforced with a sturdy metal base to hold weights of up to 400 pounds. Constructed for heavy duty, it so ensures that you can lean back safely into its smooth padding without the slightest worry about its stability. Once you have settled into its reinforced seating, a massage lumbar cushion awaits you conveniently nested across the width of the chair to provide optimal support right where your back needs it the most. Embracing the full curve of your spine, the Fantasylab gaming chair backs up your neck with a fully adjustable pillow to maintain your posture aligned perfectly from head to toe.

Always thriving to provide its users with the most personalized experience, its soft lift armrest features three incredible degrees of freedom to adjust it back and forth, up or down, and even left or right. With a 155 degrees adjustable back seat, this gaming chair lets you lean back into all the stages of your day, from your work or reading mode, all the way down to a quasi-horizontal resting position. Treat yourself to well-deserved breaks whenever you so wish by simply remembering to lock it into place once you have reached your desired angle. It even features a rocking function that allows you to ease your nerves by gently swinging back and forth through a soft 30° angle. Freely adjust the height to fit your frame to perfection and have a quick slide or spin around on its hardy swivels to experience the Fantasylab’s impressive flexibility.

Every one of its features is carefully crafted to adapt seamlessly to your body type and flawlessly enact all of your desired functions, proving that it is worth every last penny of its price. Work chair by day and gaming chair by the weekend, the Fantasylab 8331’s highly practical design could not make it a more worthwhile investment and certainly prepares it for an unmissable release this 2020.




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