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The Best Reclining Gaming Chair Of 2020 By KILLABEE

The Best Reclining Gaming Chair Of 2020 By KILLABEE

If you have been holding back on buying your first gaming chair or replacing the one that’s falling apart in the corner of your room, none will convince you to upgrade better than the KILLABEE 8257. Coming in at a medium price range, its sublime comfort and multifunctional build are each more than the other worth taking your wallet out for.

Taking every chance to boost up its ergonomic design, memory foam lines the entire surface of this gaming chair, from the seat cushion and lumbar support, all the way up to the head pillow. Whenever you are taken up by an important work deadline or are about to defeat the final level of your favourite game, the KILLABEE 8257 is your ideal companion to successfully guide you out of the most stressful situations.

The chair’s comforting embrace and full body support will help you maintain an upright posture during every hour of the day. Constructed with care and attention to detail, every soft sector of padding is placed strategically to ease of any pressure off your back and neck. Boasting an imposing 23.6 x 20.9 inches seat cushion, this big and tall gaming chair will not be letting you down easily. It claims a remarkable level of sturdiness for the extent of its dimensions being built up and around a heavy-duty metal base. Its tall frame can reach as high as 53.5 inches to comfortable accommodate heights of up to six feet two and weights of 400 pounds.

As impressive as its robust construction is, it also just as mobile and adaptable to your needs and preferences. No matter the size of your build, this gaming chair comes equipped with a fully adjustable skeleton to integrate into your body’s every bend and curve. Starting with a retractable footrest, its backrest can extend from its upright 90° starting position all the way down into an almost perfectly horizontal resting mode at an impressive 175°. From quick breaks to full movie nights, this gaming chair boasts an array of purposes way beyond what its name would suggest.

Its elegant finish serves as a stylish centrepiece to any office or bedroom by imposing its streamlined design on even the dullest of rooms. Transforming your desk space into a true gamer’s niche, you won’t be missing any critical shots from this pro seat. Assembled to emulate the long-lasting comfort of a throne, its padded armrests will certainly have you feeling like royalty even after hours spent sitting at your desk.

Giving you the chance to pick from a range of three different colors, this KILLABEE gaming chair is sure to make a statement no matter which you end up picking. Blue, gray or black, its stylish race car design offers all-round support to keep you securely fastened to your desk no matter how tall you are. You can swivel through an entire 360 degrees in style without ever having to worry about your stability or comfort.

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