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The 5 Best Reclining Gaming Chairs

The 5 Best Reclining Gaming Chairs

FANTASYLAB 8247 Series (90-155 Degrees Recline)

The FANTASYLAB 8247 lets you lean back a complete 90 to 155 degrees recline to accompany you through every part of your day. Whether you are hard at work at your desk, relaxing whist watching a movie or even lying back completely for a rest, its tall and sturdy build will ensure your comfort no matter the occasion. Its adjustable design does not stop at its tilt lock mechanism, it also features an armrest with an impressive four degrees of freedom to fit to any desk or table height with ease despite its exceptionally spacious design.

FANTASYLAB 8331 Series (90-155 Degrees Recline)

Whether you are upright or leaning back, there is no need to every worry about your posture with the FANTASYLAB 8331 fully padded gaming chair. Both reinforced on the sides and completed with a massage lumbar support, its dreamy memory foam will let you relax from 90 degrees to 155. It also features a rocking function which spans a full 10 to 30 degrees which can be adjusted using its locking system. Premium breathable leather envelops its sturdy construction to provide stylish and durable support for up to 400 pounds.

KILLABEE 8212 Series (90-155 Degrees Recline)

Strategically placed memory foam is key to this reclining chair’s appeal. The KILLABEE 8212 harnesses the ergonomic property of this material in its seat cushion and lumbar support as well as its head pillow. Not only does it recline down to 155 degrees, its in-built rocking pressure adapter gives your comfort an added satisfaction of practicality. Choose between a softer or rougher rocking angle to keep you relaxed and focused even after hours spent working or gaming. Its heavy-duty metal base holds up this chair’s remarkably large size with an adjustable height lever to let you multitask at your guise.

KILLABEE 8204 Series (90-155 Degrees Recline)

The KILLABEE 8204 is designed for you to enjoy its ergonomic design from head to toe. From its softly padded headrest to its extendable footrest, you can forget about any tension in your back or discomfort in your neck. With up to 155 degrees recline, you can easily switch between its four levels to find the optimal position to suit your comfort and need. No matter the time spent sitting down, its three-dimensional spine support and smooth swivel will help you keep your focus when you most need it and whenever it does falter, its relaxing rocking feature will bring you right back on track

KILLABEE 9015 Series (90-175 Degrees Recline)

The KILLABEE 9015 sets itself apart with its impressive 175 degrees recline. This extensive range lets you lay down almost perfectly horizontal for whenever you need to rest and let yourself relax for a moment. Designed for comfort, its adjustable massage lumbar support and retractable footrest provide the flexibility you need to confront all of your daily tasks and requirements. Whether you are sitting down for a long gaming session or have to write off a long list of documents, this high back racing-style gaming chair will keep any signs of fatigue or strain away and optimise your comfort with its soft padding.

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