The 5 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

The 5 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

KILLABEE 9015 Series

Incorporating a chic twist on the classic gaming chair, comfort has never looked this good, even after hours spent at your desk. Serving high-end design for middle-ground pricing, the KILLABEE 9015 boasts an incredibly multifunctional construction to support every last part of your body. Whilst soft padding runs across from the headrest to the seat, its massage lumbar support and retractable footrest are key to this chair’s whole rounded comfort. From a complete lean back for a quick break to a soft massage to loosen any built-up tension in your back, the 9015 series will fend off any signs of discomfort before you even have to take your eyes off your video game or work.

KILLABEE 8204 Series

Staying true to KILLABEE’s racing-style gaming chairs, the 8204 stuns with this fully adjustable and sturdy seating option for gaming rooms and offices alike. Its streamlined design earns it its spot amidst higher-end models by enclosing memory foam cushions and an electric lumbar massager in soft PU leather. The latter is certainly a highlight of this chair’s promise of long-lasting comfort, alongside its in-built rocking function seeking to provide optimal comfort with maximum flexibility. Every last aspect can be accommodated to your body, from its padded armrests and tall backrest to its retractable footrest, practicality is key to this remarkably ergonomic design.

KILLABEE 8233 Series

If you are looking for luxury both in design and comfort, the KILLABEE 8233 will ensure such regal treatment even after hours spent sitting on its memory foam seat. Elevating the KILLABEE’s familiar racing-style gaming chair with its premium PU leather, the 8233 series comfortably establishes itself as a higher-end with its functional and durable build. Its sturdy metal base and impressive 24.8 inches wider backrest are some of its most prized particularities, allowing it to sustain frames as tall as six feet one and weights of up to 350 pounds. Padded in all the right places, the only thing you might ever struggle for in this chair is actually leaving it.

VON RACER 8272 Series

If you find getting out of the bed in the morning tough, fear no more. With its devotion to memory foam, the VON RACER 8272 lets you bring the comfort of your bed along with you all the way to your office or gaming room. From its padded headrest and massage lumbar support, it is hard to find an inch of roughness along with its adjustable backrest or wingless wide seat. It is also ideal for taller gamers who can enjoy its elevated 31.9 inches back and sturdy heavy-duty metal base for both a soft and secure hold from morning to evening.

KILLABEE 8272 Series

Unique to this elegant KILLABEE gaming chair, is the built-in lumbar support which can be adjusted with the help of a simple knob right from its softly padded seat. Constructed to hold both taller or wider frames, its thick seat cushion offers a spacious and wingless flat area to accommodate those long hours spent at your desk with ease. Its solid metal base and multi-functional build ensure that your spine is supported in all three dimensions, whether you are playing games or watching TV.

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