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Invest in A Quality Gaming Chair

Invest in A Quality Gaming Chair 0

A good computer gaming chair fits your posture and body size and allows you to sit both ergonomically and comfortably. To be more precise, it allows for better blood flow to your lower body and relieves pressure from the joints and muscles in your lower back and neck. During extensive gameplay, stay focused and alert, and outsmart your opponent with the Killabee Gaming Chair 8212 Series!
Is the Killabee 8247 gaming chair worth it?

Is the Killabee 8247 gaming chair worth it? 0

Is the Killabee 8247 gaming chair worth it?


With the next generation of consoles just looming over the horizon, an ever-evolving stream of PC upgrades and new components being introduced to the market, and not to mention the consistent release of new, innovative titles, gamers will undoubtedly be looking for the best ways to make the most of their play-time. 


Whether they’re spending hours trekking across the barren wastes of Pandora in the acclaimed Borderlands 3, or simply investing in a comfortable, reliable seat before plunging themselves deep into the immersive world of CD Projekt RED’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, a designated gaming chair can massively enhance any game. 


These chairs are designed to react intuitively to the in-game world, introducing new layers of interaction and immersion that can completely change or improve the play experience. Though often pricey, most gamers consider these chairs to be essential to the enjoyment of whatever they might be playing.


At nearly $300, many gamers may be put off by the Killabee 8247’s price tag, but this seat comes with many benefits that make it an outstanding choice for anyone who might sit in front of a screen for long periods of time. 

So, let’s take a look at the Killabee 8247:


Big and Tall 


Many viewers will have noticed that this chair has been dubbed the Killabee ‘Big and Tall’, and might be asking themselves what that means.


The 8247 is ideal for taller people or those with larger frames in general. In fact, this seat can support up to 440lbs (200kg) due to the excellent manufacturing process, in which Killabee makes use of high quality, premium parts.


As this chair has been built with heavier users in mind, it incorporates a highly effective heavy duty mechanism. This mechanism will reliably support a significant amount of weight, whilst still being able to provide a height adjustment and tilt tension – perfect for those who crave comfort!


Alongside the increased weight capacity, the Killabee 8247 is set up for a maximum height of 6'4" (or 193cm), to save taller users from having to crane their neck or sit in an uncomfortable position.


If you are generally of smaller stature, you may be better off looking into a different chair, especially if you spend a significant amount of time using it each day.


4D Armrests


The Killabee 8247 implements a clever four directions armrests, promising a spacious and ergonomic design. These armrests are amazingly adjustable, with incredible directional control. They can be moved up and down, left and right, forward and backward, and angled inward and outward – they are entirely poseable for maximum comfort and efficiency.


The incredible mobility allows for these armrests to be repositioned whenever the user may require more space.


Ergonomically Designed


One of the most important things for gaming chairs to consider is the ergonomics of the design, and Killabee has truly hit the nail on the head with 8247. Described as ‘maxed-out’ ergonomics, the 8247 includes a variety of well-thought-out desirable features.


This chair includes an extra tall and extra wide back seat, with a great deal of thought, put into the lumbar support. Lumbar support is a must-have for those who sit for lengthy durations of time and Killabee understands the importance, which really shows on the 8247.


High Quality


Every component used to build this chair is the highest quality available. This allows the chair to be incredibly functional and massively long-lived, even when used for hours every day.


The chair itself is built using high-quality PU leather, handpicked by Killabee and tested to ensure that the leather is water-resistant, stain-resistant, comfortable and long-lasting.


The armrests and wheels are also PU coated to provide a quality grip!


Each wheel is built with incredible functionality in mind. The PU rubber makes sure that the chair moves easily in any direction, without causing any damage to your flooring. It is friendly and compatible with most kinds of flooring - from laminates to carpet!


Not Just for Gamers


Though advertised as a computer gaming chair, the Killabee 8247 is not just for gamers. This chair is actually ideal for anyone who spends hours sat down every day, including office workers, producers and video editors or YouTubers!


Producers, for example, often sit for hours playing around with digital sound manipulation. These sessions can last incredibly long times and discomfort can kill creativity.


The chair is a great choice to alleviate any discomfort from sitting in sub-par chairs all day (or night!)


Our Thoughts


All in all, we’d say that YES, the Killabee 8247 is entirely worth the price tag; few other chairs implement such a high-quality build with so many desirable features.


We understand that the cost is quite high, but this chair will last a long time. Once the initial investment has been made, the Killabee 8247 really will pay for itself.


Designed for maximum comfort, the Killabee ticks off every box, making it a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time stationary.


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Why Gamers Choose Killabee Gaming Chairs?

Why Gamers Choose Killabee Gaming Chairs? 0

Our quality gaming computer chairs featuring an ergonomic high back design with the best components available such as perforated leather, cold molded foam, 4D armrests, adjustable support pillows, locking wheels and massager. The integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards and heavy-duty metal base with smooth-rolling caster wheels provide a sturdy foundation to the chair able to withstand up to 440lbs. Learn More.



  • Unmatched Comfort for Extended Sessions
  • Highest Quality Components and Materials
  • Various Color Options to Complement Gamer's Setup
  • Full Coverage Warranty and Live Support
  • Manufacturer-Direct Savings
  • Free Shipping



We’ve labored hard to combine top-notch components and manufacturing processes to create the highest quality chair possible. We’ve also designed our customer service team, shipping, warranties, and refund policies all to be fine-tuned to what you want most: fast, painless and reliable.



Gas Lift

Class 3 heavy-duty gas pistons. Safety certifications include TÜV LGA, ANSI/BIFMA(by SGS) and ISO9001.


Multi-Tilt Mechanism

Certified for strength & durability according to ANSI/BIFMA and ISO standards



We send our fully assembled chairs for ANSI/BIFMA testing, where they are subjected to over 20 strength, durability, and functional tests.

A Perfect Gaming Chair for the Heavy Weight Gamer!

A Perfect Gaming Chair for the Heavy Weight Gamer! 0

A Perfect Gaming Chair for the Heavy Weight Gamer! Now you can sit comfortably with no fear of destroying your chair as you destroy the “Boss”.

This KILLABEE Big and Tall 400lb Memory Foam Gaming Chairs are made for the big and tall gamer.  

A Gaming Chair that lasts from high school to granddad.

If you are tall and /or big as a gamer, you would agree at how frustrating that most gaming chair makers do not even put gamers like you into consideration when producing gaming chairs. Most modern gaming chairs are made for skinny and lightweight guys and it is sad that these chairs would just cave in whenever you seat in them. If they don’t cave in, you are made to feel very uncomfortable and the chair doesn’t support your height or weight.

If you are looking for the ideal gaming chair perfect for your height and weight, we are glad to announce that you should end your search now and buy this gaming chair for the best gaming experience.

Known worldwide for their advanced innovations into comfort and outstanding facilities, KILLABEE presents you with the most ideal revolving gaming that is designed to give you the same experience and feel of a racing car seat.

Although originally made for passionate gamers, office workers who want comfort at their work can also find comfort in this chair.

The ergonomic computer chair is designed with a high-density memory foam seat, the high backrest for reducing back strain and wide armrests will make this perfect chair your favorite piece of furniture.

Why is this Gaming Chair different from the others?

Because we understand how hard it is to find a proper chair that suits your weight and height, we want to make sure that we give you the feel and atmosphere of being in the game zone as you sit in comfort. That is why we present you a gaming chair that is

  • Highly Adjustable and Multi-functional. This multifunctional gaming chair is awesome and can be adjusted and personalized in every part. After a long hard day, it is natural to recline in the chair for relaxation. You can adjust the height and the angle of reclining of the back. The backrest can lean back up 155 degrees. 
  • Comfort in Foam and Padding. Most Gaming Chair manufacturers think that putting in a lot of foam is the key to creating comfort for the heavyweight. No. foam contracts no matter how thick. But with real Memory foam and padding, you can find comfort everywhere you place your body on. The footrests are designed to improve blood flow to and from your feet as you seat for a long period. There are also padding cushions and pillows all around. It also has a lumbar pillow made with extra quality cushion, a headrest pillow, and padding on the footrest. Sweet comfort that is!
  • High-grade Metal Frame. Sitting on this gaming chair should make you unwind without the worry of whether or not your weight would not destroy it. This Gaming Chair can hold and support any weight up to 400lbs. The chair is safe. You have no worry about the springs or castors.
  • Built to Last. The High-Quality materials used in building this chair will never bend, break or malfunction. They all add up to its sturdiness, stability, and durability.
  • Large enough for you. The adjustable dimensions are
          Seat area: 21.7” x 20.5” (W x D)
          Backrest: 23.2” x 33.5” (W x H)
          Overall: 28.6” x 25.4” x 51.1” – 53.5” (W x D x H)
  • KILLABEE offers all our buyers a 1-year warranty on parts.

So if there’s anything that malfunctions (which we are sure isn’t possible) or if at any rate, you are not happy with your purchase, contact us and let us know. We will take care of the rest!


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