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KILLABEE Gaming Chair 8212 Series Review

KILLABEE Gaming Chair 8212 Series Review

As it has happened to many others like me all around the world, my life has been quite revolutionized since the beginning of 2020. The sudden lockdown has brought many changes - how I do groceries, how I meet my friends, how I talk to strangers - and, above all, it has changed my working routine. Like many I was forced to work from home for months - and I am lucky enough to be able to carry my business on from a computer - and now my colleagues and I have rearranged our policies so that, still, all of us mainly work from their home office.

Of all the challenges I expected - organized video calling meetings, talking to customers only via email or phone, sharing digitals documents, and remaining in touch with my co-workers - I didn't expect that the biggest challenge of all would have been my painful back and butt! I've always had a small home office, and I hadn't realized how little I've ever used it. I hadn't paid too much attention to furnishing it: it's a room of the house in which nobody goes very often, I used to leave my stuff there at night and I pick them up in the morning and that's all. A large desk, a couple of bookshelves, and a cheap IKEA chair were all that I needed... at least until the lockdown! The desk and bookshelves are completely innocent, but as soon as I started spending more hours on that fancy white pearl chair I started feeling very comfortable - I had to get up very often since I couldn't stand the pressure on my low back - and after a day or two back pain also began. At first, I didn't realize it was because of the wrong chair but then speaking to a friend and colleague of mine I got the problem. I asked him what brand of office chairs we have in hour offices because I had thought of buying one of them, but he suggested KILLABEE gaming chairs without hesitation.

I fell in love with their chair as soon as I took a look at their website, and I ended up opting for the KILLABEE gaming chair 8212 because I am a big guy and because it looked like the best value for money.

The chair arrived on time despite the weird times that the world was - and still is - facing. Assembling it was a pleasure: it requires some patience but it's extremely easy and it leaves you with that small satisfaction of having assembled a big and functional object all on your own.

Most of all, the chair is absolutely comfortable! The memory foam seat and lumbar cushion are excellent for supporting my posture in a correct position while also providing great comfort; the adjustable armrests have allowed me to obtain the perfect chair position related to my desk; the frame feels strong and durable, and the casters are smooth and silent on the floor. The KILLABEE 8212 is a big and tall gaming chair, so it's one of the very few in which I can seat comfortably without having to hunch my back. I wish I had discovered KILLABEE sooner: it provides the best and most comfortable gaming chairs for the most affordable prices.

I guess my KILLABEE 8212 is the reason why I'm still spending more time in my home office than in my real office downtown.

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