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Invest in A Quality Gaming Chair

Invest in A Quality Gaming Chair

Your computer is the fastest on the market, your keyboard and mouse are ergonomic, your headphones are the best money can buy, and your chair well….your chair could use some improvement. As a dedicated gamer, you invest a lot of time and money into your gaming accessories. Still, you could be overlooking the single most crucial piece of equipment, your office gaming chair


Sitting in the same position for hours, like when you play video games, can lead to chronic health problems such as neck tension, headaches, shoulder pain, and even herniated discs. Further health problems may include circulatory disorders, which can cause tingling legs or even digestive issues. Choosing a comfortable office chair that fits your body type is essential for spending extended hours sitting in front of your computer screen.


Your current lackluster office chair can start to inhibit your focus and motivation over time by causing pain and discomfort during long gaming sessions. These generic office chairs were not built with gaming in mind and can weaken the essential muscles that support your posture, leading to irreversible back and neck issues later in life. The most important role of a gaming computer chair is to keep you healthy and happy while boosting your performance and improving your focus during gameplay. 


A good computer gaming chair fits your posture and body size and allows you to sit both ergonomically and comfortably. To be more precise, it allows for better blood flow to your lower body and relieves pressure from the joints and muscles in your lower back and neck. The Killabee Gaming Chair 8212 Series features a heavy-duty frame that can support weights up to 400lbs and heights up to 6’2”. This big and tall gaming chair is perfect for individuals who have specific needs that other office chairs just can’t meet. Additional features include:


  • Memory Foam Seat
  • 3D Adjustable Soft Lift Armrests
  • 90 - 155 Degree Adjustable Backrest
  • Rocking Function with Locking System
  • High-end Skin-friendly Breathable Leather
  • Heavy-duty Metal Base with Smooth-rolling Casters


The Killabee Gaming Chair 8212 Series' design offers maximum comfort while sitting for long periods. The multi-functional tilt mechanism enables players to control the chair to adapt to their exact preference fully. Players can effortlessly sit at any angle and lock or unlock its position with ease. Not only will the Killabee Gaming Chair reduce stress from the neck and back, but it will also add appeal and functionality to your gaming desk. Inspired by car racing seats, this great looking chair is built with the highest-quality materials and even comes with specially designed lumbar and neck pillows to offer extra support exactly where you need it. The chair’s PU leather upholstery adds durability while the overall shape wraps around fittingly and provides the ergonomic support your body needs. During extensive gameplay, stay focused and alert, and outsmart your opponent with the Killabee Gaming Chair 8212 Series!

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