How Can A Lumbar Cushion Help Ease Low Back Pain?

How Can A Lumbar Cushion Help Ease Low Back Pain?

Anyone suffering from low back pain or sciatica knows how an uncomfortable chair can worsen the pain and in some cases, especially for those who spend long hours sitting, even be the cause of the issue. Those suffering from these issues can find great relief in purchasing an ergonomic chair. In particular ergonomic chairs provided with a lumbar cushion.

Office chairs can have that prestigious and elegant look but aren’t designed to hold and support your back at every level: low and middle back, shoulders, and neck. Gaming chairs are usually ideal for supporting your body in a neutral position.

What happens with common office chairs is that your pelvis tend to roll back, therefore your lumbar spine flexes and your shoulders bend forward. You can probably see that when you find yourself hunched up on your chairs after hours and hours of work at the office. The solution to this issue is actually pretty simple: having a lumbar cushion to support your lumbar spine.

A lumbar cushion is a simple pillow with a convex shape that matches the curve of your lumbar spine. This way your pelvis, lumbar spine, and thoracic spine would be supported and maintaining their neutral curves.

An ideal lumbar cushion would be built in memory foam. Memory foam is a material that can return to its original shape after having been mashed, flattened, twisted… This is actually extremely important: if your lumbar cushion gets flattened after the first weeks of use, it basically becomes useless. It’s no longer suitable to provide your low back the support it needs. The best ergonomic chairs also feature removable and adjustable lumbar cushions. In particular, having an adjustable cushion would be important. We are not all just as tall, and our backs and spines feature different lengths; that’s why it’s important to be able to adjust our lumbar cushion so that it can fit our back and give us the right support. Last but not least, it’s important to check that the lumbar cushion is and remains fix in its position. If you have a lumbar cushion that is built-in in your chair, you shouldn't have any problem. But if your lumbar cushion is removable, you may want to make sure it has straps or other features that can keep it stable in its position. Having a lumbar cushion that shifts right and left is not only useless but also extremely uncomfortable.

A lumbar cushion can be a real lifesaver if you are suffering from low back pain or sciatica and you are forced to sit for long periods during the day. Check our gaming and office chairs with adjustable and removable lumbar cushion to get the support you need from your chair.

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