Everything You Need To Know About The Von Racer 8280 Gaming Chair

Everything You Need To Know About The Von Racer 8280 Gaming Chair

As the object of any colleague or roommate’s envy, The Von Racer 8280’s fashionable design completes any workspace or bedroom with a modern finish. It is available in classic black, white and grey shades for all those looking for a more elegant style, or else, it can be ordered in a range of more vibrant blue, red and pink colors. Polished PU leather wraps up the entire chair in soft padding to complete it with the refined and durable structure that allows it to readily accommodate itself to every one of your needs. Whatever your use and preference, there certainly is a design to match everyone’s taste at a price that remains remarkably affordable for just as many.

Its slick design is similarly matched by its narrower construction which reduces the seat width to 18.1". Knocking a few inches off the 21.3" of the Von Racer 9015, the 8280 is ideal for more slender frames and is a proven favorite for teenagers. Its compact structure allows its backrest to extend out to accommodate heights up to six feet two and is completed with a removable neck pillow for total back support. Reinforced with a heavy-duty metal base, its sturdy build can hold weights of up to 250 pounds for an inclusive multi-functional usage.

Thick padding runs across its bucket seat to provide sturdy support all around and is paired with a matching massage lumbar cushion. Whenever you feel yourself tensing up, activate its massage function to relieve every last bit of strain and instantly recover your focus. The three-dimensional spine support padding on the backrest is adorned on both sides by armrests boasting a two-directional adjustment option to help you customize your comfort level all the way through to your feet.

Using the inbuilt lever, extend out its recliner feature to lie back on an entire 135 degrees and stretch out comfortably on its retractable footrest for a quick break when the afternoon fatigue sets in or whenever you are watching a movie. Whether you are locked in at your desk for work or are settled in for a gaming session, this racing gaming chair is readily adjustable to ensure your best comfort hour after hour. The Von Racer 8280 certainly proves to be competitive in its pricing as much as in its functionality.

You will be swivelling along its 360 degrees smooth rotation for years to come without having to worry about its durable and secure build ever giving up on you. If you are looking for a chair to back up your posture during all of your seated hours without letting your budget down, the Von Racer 8280 does both to the best of your expectations. Offering the most essential practicalities alongside a stylish look, it is certainly a worthwhile investment for an entry-level gaming chair. Both your back and bank account will be thankful for this highly functional and equally attractive purchase.




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