5 Best Gaming Chair Gift Ideas for 2020

5 Best Gaming Chair Gift Ideas for 2020

Sometimes making a gift feels like the hardest thing in the world. Your friends and family already have all that they need and any idea sounds boring and predictable. But this doesn’t mean that you have to renounce the idea of making an original and surprising gift! We are here to suggest an original and useful gift suitable for anyone who has a home office, a gaming console, or a computer at home - which is almost anyone today - a gaming chair!

Gaming chairs are stylish and beautiful additions to any room or office, they provide great support to the back and neck, and they’re extremely comfortable. If you don’t know which one to choose, you’re just landed in the right place: here is the list of the top 5 best comfortable and affordable gaming chairs for this 2020.

The KILLABEE 8247 SERIES is the perfect gaming chair for anyone in search of an elegant and stylish racing chair. The wide seat and tall ergonomic backrest make it perfect even for tall and big people (with its metal frame the chair can support up to 440 lbs!). 

The backrest is reclinable up to 155 degrees. This means that this big and tall gaming chair is suitable for several uses: working at your desk, playing, reading, watching videos or movies, and resting. The gel foam lumbar pillow is the final touch: it will help maintain your spine in a neutral position while you’re sitting, preventing back and neck pain. 

This is another option for tall and big gamers. This gaming chair’s size is extremely wide and the frame is impressively strong: it can hold up to 400 lbs. The racing style is still elegant and suitable for both home offices or playing rooms.  

The adjustable armrests and backrest make this gaming office chair extremely versatile, while the removable neck and lumbar pillow provide great support for the neck and lower back for enhanced comfort and support. 

Playing, working, relaxing… The KILLABEE 8212 SERIES will allow you to perform your favorite activities and say goodbye to back pain. 

Let’s move on into a more affordable gaming chair: the KILLABBE 9015 SERIES. While the price is smaller, comfort and support are still top-grade. The ergonomic backrest is provided with a adjustable lumbar crushion and it’s reclinable up to 175 degrees; with the retractable padded footrest, the chair can almost reach the horizontal position: it can even become suitable for taking a nap! 

The style is still one of a racing chair, and it’s more dynamic and young compared to the previous ones on this list. Furthermore, some colored options are also available! 

The KILLABEE 8257 SERIES is a big and tall gaming chair, with a design suitable for both an elegant office or a colored gaming room, and it also features a comfortable and wide retractable footrest. The wide ergonomic backrest, provided with removable neck and lumbar cushions for enhanced support, is reclinable up to 175 degrees: this gaming office chair can easily become your spot for a quick rest! 

This chair is also extremely resistant (it can support up to 400 lbs) thanks to its heavy-duty metal base; the wide size makes it especially suitable for tall and big people that usually have a hard time finding comfortable chairs. 

Are you in search of a very simple and slim design for your computer gaming chair? The FANTASY LAB 8331 SERIES is the perfect option for you. Despite its dimensions, it’s still extremely strong and can support up to 400 lbs. The style is extremely elegant, suitable even for those offices where clients are often received. This could be the perfect gift for someone who has just started a new business or renewed their office. 

The backrest has removable neck and lumbar pillows and it’s reclinable up to a rest mode of 155 degrees. The armrests are also adjustable in three directions so that anyone can customize their chair in the most comfortable way. 

Pick one of these gaming office chairs from the KILLABEE or FANTASYLAB SERIES and make sure to make the most original and appreciated gift of 2020!

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