To Keep Eco-friendly and No Waste: Killabee 8247 & Fantasylab 8331 Pre-order

To Keep Eco-friendly and No Waste: Killabee 8247 & Fantasylab 8331 Pre-order

This time we launch two new items: Killabee 8247 Black & Fantasylab 8331 Purple Killabee 8247 Black can easily support tall and large gamers with spacious memory foam seating area and metal frame. The black design has technological and fashionable style. Fantasylab 8331 Purple is popular with girls. The very fantastic and cute gaming chair can not only bring comfort to your back, but also become a decoration in your home.

Killabee 8247 Black & Fantasylab 8331 Purple are pre-orders. You can purchase them now, but we will ship them to you in December. Maybe many customers will ask why we charge you now if the product will not be shipped until September 2021. The reason why we make this pre-order is that we want to keep eco-friendly and no waste. ITV News investigation finds that Online giant Amazon is destroying millions of items of unsold stock in one of its UK warehouses every year. The products are often new and unused. The waste is on an astonishing level. Why are millions of products being destroyed in Amazon warehouses? The reason is Amazon’s hugely successful business model. Many vendors choose to house their products in Amazon’s vast warehouses. But the longer the goods remain unsold, the more a company is charged to store them. It is eventually cheaper to dispose of the goods, especially stock from overseas, than to continue storing the stock.

Therefore, we are in line with the principle of environmental protection and no waste to make this pre-order. Through this pre-order, we can know how many people want these products in advance, so as to stock up these products better.

Code: KB10 for $10 off all items in the store.


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