The Pre-order Project Journey Is Still Continuing

The Pre-order Project Journey Is Still Continuing

The pre-order project journey is still continuing. Last week we have arranged a sample for Killabee 8247 Darkness and Fantasylab 8331 Bravery. At the same time, we also started to purchase the materials for making the chairs.

For making the samples, we will adopt the same materials with the former 8247 and 8331 series. High-quality materials can provide high-performance comfort and relieve your back fatigue and pain. It needs to take about 25 days to make the samples. It is estimated that the samples will be finished on 20th, September. On one side, because it is the peak season of the furniture industry now, there are many orders of chairs in our factory. On the other side, as the saying goes, soft fire makes sweet malt. For making a sample, our factory workers make the model carefully according to the former data. They will check it many times until the perfect one is finished. Once the samples are finished on 20th, September, we will take photos and publish them in our website.

It is the first time that we have made the pre-order project. We follow the principle of keeping eco-friendly and no waste. Hope our customers can join us. We are excited to wait for the samples!

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