The Pre-order Project Journey Begins

The Pre-order Project Journey Begins

Maybe many customers noticed that we have released two new items: Killabee 8247 Darkness & Fantasylab 8331 Pinkish-purple. We will make this pre-order project from August to October. Through this pre-order, we can know how many people want these products in advance, so as to stock up these products better.

In the next two weeks, we will plan to make a sample for these two editions. We will adopt the same materials with the former 8247 and 8331 series. For these two editions, we will put a Gamma logo in the back side of the chair. At the same time, we will also purchase the materials for making the chair.

For making a sample, our factory workers will make the model carefully according to the former data. For this color of the chair, we will use the closest CMYK colors to match the design. The black design is so cool and has technological style in Killabee 8247 Darkness. The purple and pink design is so romantic and charming in Fantasylab 8331 Pinkish-purple. We can’t wait to see the two gaming chairs!

We will make this pre-order project in the next three months. It's worth investing in these two chairs! We believe you will like them!

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