Killabee 8247 Darkness Edition

Killabee 8247 Darkness Edition

Besides Killabee 8247 Grey, this time we will launch Killabee 8247 Darkness Edition. Killabee 8247 Big and Tall Gaming Chair Black is designed for luxury, functional comfort and super relaxing seating, motivating you to perform at high levels during intense gaming sessions or long workdays in the office. In addition to using premium materials like the previous 8247 series, there are some differences in this darkness edition.

Mesh lumbar cushion and flannel lumbar cushion are available for you to choose. The lumbar cushion adds Killabee logo and the black design is close to this year's trend and has technological and fashionable style.The skin-friendly breathable leather will hug every curve of your body and provide you with unbelievable comfort. It can easily support tall and large gamers with spacious memory foam seating area and metal frame. Sturdy enough to support up to 440lbs. Whether you're playing League of Legends with great excitement or cheering for your favorite e-sports team, you can toss your chair around and don't worry about its robustness.

This gaming chair is not only good-looking, but also functional. It's really suitable for gamers. In addition to having a top computer, it is also very important to have a comfortable and functional gaming chair. When you play computer games for long hours, it can keep you sit comfortably and relieve your back fatigue and pain.

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