Why We Called Killabee?

Why We Called Killabee?

With the development of technology and economy, most families have computers. Some geeks are addicted to computer games day by day. Sitting on a chair for a long time is easy to backache, which gives them an idea. They began to ask themself why we didn't make a gaming chair that can cure backache. It can also help other geeks. With this in mind, Killabee came out.  

Killabee started in the fall of 2013. The brand logo with a strong sense of science and technology symbolizes Killabee’s exclusive and technological style. Killabee aims to provide luxurious and comfortable gaming chairs with ergonomic design for customers. It can not only bring comfort to your back, but also make your daily life smarter.

Killabee adheres to the concept of “Bring Gamers Happy and Comfortable Game Experience” to provide high-quality and comfortable gaming chairs for customers, keeping them from suffering from backache.

Killabee gaming chairs with ergonomic design can protect geeks’ neck and back and relieve their back fatigue and pain. Make sure people (office workers, gamers, students, and so on) can sit for many hours during the day. There are 250LBS, 350LBS, over 400LBS weight-bearing in seat for you to choose. You can choose the suitable gaming chair according to your height and weight. It dosen’t matter if it doesn't hold you well, because we have a 30-day return policy. Killabee gaming chairs adopt high-quality materials to give you luxurious experience.

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