Making a Cooperation with Professional E-sports Team---madjicK Gaming

Making a Cooperation with Professional E-sports Team---madjicK Gaming

Today we announce a new partnership with madjicK Gaming! We are so excited to be a sponsor to assist a league that focuses on the gaming field for the long term. This time we sponsored Killabee 8212 gaming chair to them.

madjicK Gaming is a professional gaming organization based in Portugal, focusing on competing in the best tournaments available, in order to become a well recognized e-sports club internationally. Since madjicK Gaming started in 2007, the club has managed to attend at more than 100 online and offline tournaments across 20 different games, followed by the values of effort, sacrifice and leadership. The madjicK Gaming is one of the oldest gaming organizations in activity with eleven years of existence and already counted with more than one hundred awards along this eleven years. Through this activity they achieved a big amount of fans that follow their activities daily. madjicK Gaming is also well-known for picking up and generating some of the current Portuguese national teams players, who currently represent the national team in the Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Crossfire sections.

As a gaming chair brand, how excited we are to cooperate with a professional e-sports team! Last e-sports competitions season ended last day 31, June, and the tournaments will start back in September. madjicK Gaming will attend to the qualifiers to the major tournaments like Intel Extreme Masters, Dreamhack, etc. We will provide all the best gaming chairs for madjicK Gaming’s players in the next competition. We can't wait for the next e-sports competition.

madjicK Gaming Website:

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