Making a Cooperation with Greg Roe Trampoline

Making a Cooperation with Greg Roe Trampoline

Today we announce a new partnership with Greg Roe Trampoline! We are so excited to sponsor Killabee 8257 gaming chair to them. The gymnastics e-sports competition hosted by Greg Roe Trampoline will be held on 20th, August at this year's GT Games, and the winner will get our Killabee gaming chair!

The Garden Trampoline Games is back after Covid and the Top Live Freestyle Trampoline Athletes are coming from all over North America to compete in this annual event! Greg Roe Trampoline will host a gymnastics e-sports competition at this year's GT Games for the first time, and give away three Killabee gaming chairs to the winners!

In this e-sports competition, competitors will compete in Pro Gymnast. Pro Gymnast created by Walaber Entertainment is a Cult Classic Gymnastics Game for PC. The game is challenge-based where players complete challenges to unlock new levels with each challenge progressively getting harder.  

Besides Pro Gymnast in PC, there is Pro Flipper in mobile for you to train your skills. Pro Flipper created by the GRT Network is a 3-Dimensional simulator style of game based on real world physics. This game acts as a Virtual Trampoline Simulator and will help IRL athletes develop spatial awareness for their live competitions. 

As a gaming chair brand, how excited we are to cooperate with a Gymnastics Esports League! The Gymnastics Esports League will announce the competitors by 1st, August to compete in the competition on 20th, August. We can't wait for the upcoming gymnastics e-sports competition!

Gymnastics Esports League Website:


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