Killabee Gaming Chairs Recommendations for Different Person

Killabee Gaming Chairs Recommendations for Different Person

There are two series in Killabee website now: one is classic series, the other is big and tall series. When some people want to purchase a new gaming chair in our store, they will ask us which gaming chair is suitable for them. Today I will recommend some gaming chairs for different person.

First of all, if you have an adequate budget, there is no doubt that you should choose our big and tall series. There are 8247, 8257, 8331, 8212 models in big and tall series. We adopt premium materials to make them comfortable. If you need to work or play computer games for long hours, it can keep you sit comfortably and relieve your back fatigue and pain. Secondly, if you are a tall and large person, our big and tall series are suitable for the person who is 5'8"-6'2" height. Especially 8247 model, it is sturdy enough to support a maximum height of 6'4" and a weight capacity of 440 LBS. In addition, there is 4D armrest in 8247 model. If you like vertical lines, you can choose our 8212 model. Fantasylab aims to provide colorful gaming chairs with diverse design for customers. If you like colorful gaming chairs, you can choose 8331 and 8257 model. The design of 8331 model looks fashionable and we design it with a simple and smooth line, keeping it clear and show out material. The design of 8257 model is more powerful and muscle style.

If your budget is limited, you can purchase our classic series. They are under $200 and an entry way to gaming chair. There are 9015 and 8204 models in classic series. If you are short and a beginner of PC gaming, we recommend 9015 model. It is suitable for the person who is 5'6"-5'9" height and can bear 250 LBS. 8204 model is suitable for the person who is 5'8"-6'1" height and can bear 350 LBS. Everyone has an esports dream and our classic series can make your esports dream comet true.

Many people like purchasing black and grey gaming chairs. We also have pink gaming chairs for girls like 9015 pink and 8331 pink. Especially 9015 pink, we believe many girls will like it very much!

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