Killabee 9015 Pink & Giselle Marquez Review

Killabee 9015 Pink & Giselle Marquez Review

Killabee 9015 Pink is very popular with girls. The pink design is cute and the chair design is so cool that many people are addicted to it. Our American warehouse received 9015 pink gaming chair stock in the mid of August. It took only a few days to sold out of Killabee 9015 pink. Therefore, our Killabee 9015 Pink is out of stock in America now. But we feel that many girls like it, we decided to restock it.

For restocked Killabee 9015 Pink, we will add Pi style logo on the back of chair. Now it is a pre-order, we restock limited items. If you like it, you can purchase it now. It usually takes three months to produce the chairs, so we will ship it to you in December as a Christmas gift. As one of the classic series, Killabee 9015 is an entry way to gaming chair. In this one, we set up usual accessories, such as linkage armrests, massage lumbar cushion, extendable padded footrest, and so on.

Our influencer --- Giselle Marquez is a YouTuber who has more than 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. She loves making videos on fashion, travel, and lifestyle that help her spread positive vibes to everyone who happens to stumble across her content. The next is her video for reviewing Killabee 9015 Pink. 

Hope you enjoy it, and we offer a giveaways for you.

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