Gaming as a Career

Gaming as a Career

With the development of new technology, gaming industry becomes more and more prosperous, which further creates many opportunities for people to explore this field. Although many people used to be less optimistic about the industry, there is no doubt that it is now a flourishing career. Gaming doesn’t refer to e-sports, as long as you are interested in games, you can choose gaming as your career.

Game Development

Game development is a profession that requires strong comprehensive quality. It not only requires you to master computer programming and engine, but also have the perception of art. The main responsibilities of game development are to complete the game architecture and the design, development, debugging of all functions, and maintain the operation of game.

Game Designer

Game Designer is required to understand the art of game design. They construct the character models and animations, while working together with game developers to bring life to their creations.

Professional E-sports Gamer

Everyone dreams of becoming a professional e-sports player. However, making this dream a reality is much more challenging. It requires not only you have the talent to play games, but also you need to make a lot of efforts. Although the career of professional e-sports gamers is very short, I think it is a very happy thing to strive for the glory of the country and their dreams.


Game Streamer

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, the live stream industry has become more and more popular in recent years. The content of live stream is diverse, including eating food, playing games, makeups, singing songs, dancing, ASMR and so on. If you really love playing games and want to choose gaming as a career, game streamer is a good choice. However, the game streamer is not as easy as people think, and you still need to make a lot of efforts.
If you are really interested in the gaming industry, you might as well try to choose gaming as a career. Try it, you won't regret it even if you fail.


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