Cooperate with Inven Global

Cooperate with Inven Global

This year we sponsored Inven Global Esports & Academia Summit that will be hosted on Hubilo form 24th to 26th September, 2021. Founded in 2016, Inven Global is an esports journalism site with strong roots in South Korea, and located in Los Angeles, California. The Inven Global Esports Academia Summit (IGEAS) is Inven Global’s high school and collegiate focused esports summit.
IGEAS is a free-to-attend virtual esports & academic summit. It connects the competitive gaming industry with new and emerging esports talent. At the Inven Global Esports and Academic Summit, the competitive gaming experts and industry veterans gather a wide network of professionals across 3 primary tracks: People & Business, Esports Contender, and Content & Media. This event welcomes career seekers, gaming and technology students, esports fans, and professionals looking to do business with or learn more about the esports industry! You can study and interact from scheduling 1:1 mentorship sessions with select panelists via Hubilo event platform. As well, this year’s IGEAS will feature competitive brackets for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Guilty Gear Strive. They are both fighting games. It also offers viewers networking and career opportunities, giveaways and exclusive merchandise.
This summit can not only create for the sole purpose of bringing esports talents to network, but also advance the growth of esports industry. It is our honor to sponsor for IGEAS. As a gaming chair retailer, we hope the prospect of esports industry will be better. At the same time, we hope to help career seekers, gaming and technology students to learn more about the esports industry.
If you are interested in this summit, you can click this website.


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