Budget PC Gaming Setup for Beginners

Budget PC Gaming Setup for Beginners

If you are a gamer, you must want to create a good gaming setup. But many people’s budgets is limited and don't know what to purchase. With the right ideas, your dream of creating a cool gaming setup on a budget will come true. Here are some ideas for you when  creating your first gaming setup.

Gaming Chair

It plays an important role in PC gaming setup. You need to sit for a long time when you play computer games, a good gaming chair can not only help you maintain a proper posture, but also bring comfort to your back. Without an ergonomic chair, you might end up with lots of terrible back pain. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to purchase a good gaming chair.

Gaming Desk

You need to place your computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse on the desk. We recommend looking for an ergonomic gaming desk that will guarantee you many years of comfortable gaming sessions. You can explore some gaming desk options according to your budget.


A keyboard is very important to your performance. A good keyboard can not only improve your game skills, but also bring you happy game experience.


A mouse is also very important to your performance. We recommend you to purchase a wired mouse, because there is no delay and it is more sensitive.


Headphone is essential whether you're listening to music or talking with your teammates while playing computer games. Simple additions like it help a lot, and they can make the experience better than you imagine.

Microphone Stand

If you want to have a better way of talking with your teammates when you play computer games, you can invest in a microphone stand.

LED lights

Adding LED lights can create a good-looking gaming room. You can use neon hue light strips at the back of your monitor or under your desk so as to create gaming atmosphere. 

These are some of the gaming essentials you can start with. With time, you can upgrade your gaming setup to better performance levels. The right gaming setup can not only enhance your performance, but also make your gaming more enjoyable. 




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