Bearing Over 400LBS: Fantasylab 8247

Bearing Over 400LBS: Fantasylab 8247

If you are a fan of computer games, never miss the Fantasylab 8247 gaming chair. Fantasylab 8247 big and tall racing computer gaming chair is designed for TRUE GAMERS with superior functional comfort. As an ergonomic chair, comfort goes without saying. In addition to comfort and fantastic functions, the biggest advantage is that it can bear over 400lbs.

Before you purchase a chair, in addition to considering its appearance and price, the most important thing is to consider whether the chair is suitable for you. Fantasylab 8247 is suitable for tall and large person. It is sturdy enough to support a maximum height of 6'4" and a weight capacity of 440 lbs. Whether you're playing League of Legends with great excitement or cheering for your favorite e-sports team, you can toss your chair around and don't worry about its robustness.

Whether you are a game fan or a professional e-sports player, it is indispensable for computer game setup. Spacious back and cushion, premium breathable leather, gel cold cure foam lumbar/seat cushion, upgraded wider 4D adjustable armrests, when you sit on it, you really try to stop but cannot. 

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