Our Brands

Fantasylab 8247 Natural Gray

Big and tall series. Premium breathable leather material. Sturdy enough to support up to 440 LBS.

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VonRacer 8280 Adventure Red

Entry series. 90-135 degree adjustable backrest. Full ergonomic adjustability between the armrests, head pillow, and lumbar support.

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KILLABEE 8257 Gray - Big and Tall Series


KILLABEE 9015 Gray - Classic Series


KILLABEE 8204 Gray - Classic Series


Cooperation with MADJICK

MADJICK is a professional gaming organization based in Portugal since 2007. We are glad to be a sponsor to assist a league that focuses on the gaming field for the long term.

Ergonomic, Weight-bearing, Quality

Sitting for a long time brings huge back pain and this pain lights an idea up. We began asking ourselves why we don't build a gaming chair that can cure back pain.

To Keep Eco-friendly and No Waste: Killabee 8247 & Fantasylab 8331 Pre-order

To Keep Eco-friendly and No Waste: Killabee 8247 & Fantasylab 8331 Pre-order

This time we launch two new items: Killabee 8247 Black & Fantasylab 8331 Purple Killabee 8247 Black can easily support tall and large gamers with spacious memory foam seating area and metal frame.... Read More
Killabee 8247 Darkness Edition

Killabee 8247 Darkness Edition

Besides Killabee 8247 Grey, this time we will launch Killabee 8247 Darkness Edition. Killabee 8247 Big and Tall Gaming Chair Black is designed for luxury, functional comfort and super relaxing seating,... Read More
Fantasylab 8331 Pinkish-purple Edition

Fantasylab 8331 Pinkish-purple Edition

Besides Fantasylab 8331 Black, Grey, Red, Pink, this time we will launch Fantasylab 8331 Pinkish-purple Edition. Fantasylab 8331 Big and Tall Gaming Chair Pinkish-purple provides excellent comfort, with massage lumbar support, high-density... Read More